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At we offer every printing service for your business needs and marketing efforts.  We are customer oriented and our goal is simple - Quality products produced in a timely manner with your complete satisfaction.  Our staff has years of experience working with corporate clients and are ready to provide you with ideas and images that drive your printed message to potential clients.  Whether you are printing business cards, brochures, rack cards, door hangers or an extensive color catalog, we are ready to help.

We are G7 master printer certified.  Rest assured your color will turn out the same every time whether you reprint with us or another G7 certified printer.

FSC Certified to help you show your support for our natural resources.

Just ask, we can FSC Certify any of your products at no additional cost.

Bottom Line Print is a proud memember of the Forest Stewardship Council

Beyond Recycled

When you use paper that's FSC-certified, you're choosing the best in environmental and social standards.

Now more than ever, people are asking questions about the impacts of materials they buy and use.  Office supplies and printed goods have long been under scrutiny; paper usage was one of the first concerns when employees and consumers started to consider their impact on the environment.  That's why papers containing recycled fiber became so popular.  The trouble is, not enough paper is collected for recycling.  There is only enough recycled material to produce 35% of the market demand for paper.  This means that 65% of the fiber that paper manufacturers need has to be new fiber that comes straight from a natural forest or a plantation.  And until now, there's been no way to know the environmental or social impact of the paper that one buys.  Today, there's a better option.  The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international market-based certification system that guarantees you're protecting forests when you buy FSC-certified paper.  And it guarantees that the recycled content of the paper that you buy truly is post-consumer waste.

It's real commitment, on paper.  And guaranteed.

The FSC logo means your paper comes from well-managed forests and known sources, ensuring local communities benefit and sensitive areas are protected.

Forest Stewardship Council certification: the standard for healthy forests.

Don't forget BottomLinePrint is your Calendar & Catalog Printing Experts

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